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In addition to offering quality concrete construction services, J.K.B. Construction also offers top tier concrete foundation services in Orange County, CA. We have experience working with concrete for nearly 30 years and have laid foundation for projects of all types and of all sizes and e will match the needs of any project. From massive industrial warehouse slabs to more unique and decorative projects, the concrete foundations we lay are safe, durable and sturdy.

We make sure each one of our foundations is up to the California earthquake codes and strive to provide the best possible foundation work for every project. In Orange County, the terrain often calls for us to lay foundation on a grade, a task that our skilled workers are able to accomplish without problems. 

We understand that the concrete foundation of a home or a business is the most essential aspect of construction. Therefore, we take our job very seriously with each and every project we take on. The safety and overall value of the structure begins with the foundation, so we adhere to strict codes and techniques that allow for the best construction design and practice. We know what to look for in order to avoid settlement problems, and we know which steps to take in order to properly prepare the subgrade throughout the final curing stages.

We focus on the details that are going to make the rest of your project safe, strong and attractive. Since founding our business in 1982, J.K.B Corporation has worked on countless concrete foundation projects in Orange County, CA, and have the experience and skill required to give any project the best possible results. The foundations of our business are quality, skill and client satisfaction and we believe that we can provide you with the very best quality concrete foundation work to match your needs. Contact us today for more information or a quote on your next concrete foundation project!

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